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West Palm Beach Florida: Floral designer and Wedding decorator

Designs by Christine Coffey is an established company in the West Palm Beach Florida�region, specializing in wedding/party�decor and floral designs.�Your special day is very important to us. From the initial consultation, to the day of your event we�go out of our way to make sure everything's just the way�you want it.�At Designs by Christine Coffey, we work very hard to maintain our positive reputation in the West Palm Beach� Florida area. Which is why we do perfer to meet our client at the venue where the event will be taking place - this allows us to better envision your special event. Since all consultations are by appointment, you can feel confident that you�can express your vision at an unhurried pace.

We want our clients to feel comfortable with their decision, which is why we offer unparalleled customer support.� Designs by Christine Coffey exudes the highest quality effort and possesses expert knowledge regarding both Wedding/party decorations and Floral designss. We have ompounded�many testimonials from previous clients with whom we have done business in the West Palm Beach Florida�area, some of�which are readily available for interested parties to review.

Although, there are other companies in West Palm Beach Florida�that you could choose from, Designs by Christine Coffey provides the greatest value. We are able to work with any budget big or small and are the one stop shop for decor, lighting, and flowers. We can do as little or as much you need. Christine has been a�party/wedding�decorator and floral designer in the�West Palm Beach area since 1997. We do specialize in beach occasions and are able to work in areas with strict rules and regulations. We�transport all our own supplies and equipment.�All the�lights, lanterns, vases, marbles, columns, chandeliers ect.�in the portfolios are ours - not rented, thus allowing us to help save you money.

If you have any questions pertaining to wedding/party decorations or Floral designs, please give us a call; Designs by Christine Coffey is here to help,����at��561-301-9774��� or at��� .

Designs by Christine Coffey Conveniently Located In West Palm Beach Florida

Whether we are focusing on Party decor or our company Designs by Christine Coffey, customer satisfaction is the number one goal of Designs by Christine Coffey. From the initial outline to the final implementation, everything is planned with the end product in mind. We have built a reputable establishment in the West Palm Beach area by maintaining high standards.

We welcome customer feedback in reference to your personal experience with Party decorators or suggestions on how we can improve our work. Designs by Christine Coffey is a company who realizes that each client deserves to be fully content with the final outcome. We believe that the West Palm Beach Florida�area deserves an industry leader who�can be�a consistent and reliable party decorator/ floral designer.� Christine is a party decorator not a planner this means we are completely hands on with everything.
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